Meet Our Team

Kevin Sofia

Founder & CEO

Kevin Sofia has been a lifelong digger of dirt.  His passion started in his parents backyard when he was 12 years old, and stemmed from there.  After attending college for Business Management, Kevin took on multiple office jobs before quitting his 9-5 to chase his dream to build professionally.  Jumping from trail crew to crew around the country, he realized how much he enjoyed creating trails for other people and not just himself.  At some point Kevin realized that there could be a market for people interested in bike trails on their own property, custom to their style and skill set.  For that reason he created PRODIRT.

Kyle Tynan

Managing Partner & CFO

Kyle Tynan started digging Dirt Jumps at 12 years old in his parents back yard, and got grounded for using his dads excavator to build a new line.  Working as masonry contractor and building trails on weekends, he felt the urge to get more time building and riding and took matters into his own hands.  He sold his business and moved to Tahoe to team up with Kev and join PRODIRT.