Dirt Jumps

We are known Bike Park Design California. Dirt Jumps are a continuous set of strategically shaped mounds, meant for getting the rider airborne. They can be tabletops or gaps depending on the riders skill level. Unless you have a hill, a drop-in platform is usually required to gain the required speed to clear the jumps properly. Dirt Jumping stemmed from BMX and Mountain Racing. Race tracks would include jumps, but the goal was for the rider to stay as low as possible to keep speed over them. As more and more racers and joy riders realized how much fun it was to soar through the air, they started creating their own private Dirt Jump spots to enjoy the thrill. Specific bikes came into production for this category of biking, and due to the heavy demand for a safe place to enjoy this activity, town recreational departments slowly gained interest in the subject. The first public bike park with dirt jumps was created in the early 2000’s and within the last couple years there have been hundreds constructed across the country.


In Lake Tahoe alone there are 4 due to the large mountain biking population. When considering adding Dirt Jumps to your backyard, you should choose PRODIRT Bike Park Design California and ask yourself these three questions. What, Who, and How. What is the goal behind the project? Is it to create a place to train for Dirt Jumping competitions, just for fun and home fitness, or is it to enhance your outdoor living space. Who will be riding the dirt jumps? If they are specifically for yourself or a member of your family then they can be tailored toward that individuals skill level. On the other hand if they are for all the whole neighborhood kids to enjoy, they should include various terrain to complement all ages. How large is your budget? Dirt Jumps come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and what you can spend will determine what’s attainable.

Investing in wooden lips (take-offs) will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your setup running prime. Next time you drive your kids to the local bike park, think about the time you could save having them enjoy the sport at home.

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