Asphalt / Concrete / Soiltac

An important question when planning out a potential Bike Park project is to go all natural or use an enhanced riding surface. Modern methods such as Asphalt, Concrete, and Soiltac are great options for making your riding surface permanent and maintenance free. These practices are fairly new to the industry and have been gaining tremendous popularity over the last few years. Surfacing your trail in Asphalt will allow for Skateboards and Scooters to ride it, along with Bikes. This expands the potential users significantly. In the case that you are expecting mostly Skateboards and Scooters, concrete is an even better but more expensive option. The surface will be even smoother than Asphalt and allow to smaller wheels to roll faster. Its also slicker so falling wont hurt as bad.


In the event where the budget doesn’t allow for an Aspault or Concrete Pump Track, Soiltac (soil stabilizer) is the next best solution. It is a clear colored glue/water mixture that is applied to the natural surface material. It binds the molecules together to pack better and last longer, while keeping the natural look. Using Soiltac on Pump Tracks, Dirt Jumps, or BMX Tracks will help to prevent erosion, but will not create a riding surface strong enough for any vehicles other than bikes. As techniques continue to evolve we can expect to use even more advanced solutions to create Bike Parks as efficient, effective, and sustainable than ever!

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