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A flow trail is similar to a Pump Track but does not complete a circuit and is generally downhill…


A Pump Track is a complete circuit consisting of rollers and berms. The idea is to generate speed and momentum without..


Wood features consist of Drop-In Platforms, Ramps, Skinnies, Boardwalks, and


Dirt Jumps are a continuous set of strategically shaped mounds, meant for getting the rider airborne…


These are great options for making your riding surface permanent and
maintenance free. Surfacing …


Adding enhanced Landscaping to your trail will make it look even more like a piece of art….

Who We Are

We are PRODIRT. America’s #1 contractor for Backyard Bike Parks construction.

Our clients choose us as Bike Park Construction, Build Bike Park San Diego, Bike park Marin County because we are motivated to make their backyard dreams possible. We work with any size property, any budget, and in the most efficient amount of time. Although trail building may not look all that complicated at first glance, there are more factors that go into it than you think, and doing it yourself will cost much more in the long run. When you hire us as Bike Park Construction, Build Bike Park San Diego, Bike park Marin County, we bring a lifetime of trail building wisdom to your project, ensuring it will get done right


Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.

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